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Ocean Gray

Type: Crystal Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Ocean Grey; the manifestation of oceanic glory on earth
As the oceans take our minds off of the daily grind, so does this crystal marble. One look at this stone is all it takes to take on a journey over the seas. The natural hues on this stone are so elegant. You might think an artist has chosen every color and every vein placement on intention. Coming from inside the quarries in the Martian Mountain of Iran, this stone is for sure a gem. Thousands of years of work have been done prior to their extraction from the quarries. So, every slab is a gift nature has prepared. Now it depends on your taste which marble stone you prefer. But each comes with a unique characteristic.

Veins Reflecting the Sun Beams
Ocean Grey is applicable in all the places you desire. Its beauty is minimalistic; yet profound. As the oceans have waves, this stone has colorful veins. The veins look as if the sun is shining on the surface of the oceans. They reflect the color of the sun, being almost golden and beige. The seas are not always stormy. So even if the waters turn grey because of all the dark clouds covering them, the sun will always shine. It will always bestow its natural light to the ocean below it. Likewise, this stone has veins that reflect the colors of the sun. And the background is grey which is always calming on the eyes. Grey is also very popular in the design industry.

Enjoy Ocean Grey’s the Ever Beauty
As a marble, Ocean Grey is a sturdy stone. You can be sure the colors will last over time. So, every time you look at it, you would know it has been there for hundreds of years. Consequently, it will be there where you place it for as long as time allows. As long as this stone is maintained correctly, it will not change colors or etch.

Ocean Grey is Sustainable
This stone comes from the heart of the earth. So, if you are also one who cares about their environment, you would appreciate what Ocean Grey as a marble stone can bring you. This marble is a natural stone. While quarrying these stones, the environment has bared the minimum loss. So, as a sustainable material, you would help keep our mother earth bracing. The time has come to switch to sustainable materials. Ocean Grey is one of the best ways to go green.
Our stones come from the quarries of Iran. Their quality is exceptional, and their colors are outstanding. The world is starting to know more than ever how much they are worth. So, it is your choice. If you want something different and unique, this is the place. Now, Ocean Grey is available in Behsang.


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