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Ice Aurora

Type: Crystal Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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The Pole Sky Coming out of the Desert Soil

Another beautiful stone from the hot and desert region of Iran is introduced to you. It is like a Polar light that flies from the Arctic and its surrounding lands and finally sits in the soli heart of Iran. Eventually, like a beautiful diamond, it is extracted from these lands. Light from the northernmost point of the earth is seen in an eastern city and an eastern country on a new crystal marble. This unique marble is called Ice Aurora.

Ice Aurora’s Physical Description

A stone that seems to have been beautifully painted by nature, and its core has cleverly taken advantage of the combination of warm and cold colors to decorate it. Ice Aurora is a new crystal marble with a complex color background that contains grey and white. It has solid and thick veins in golden and brown colors. There are even shades of blue in the background color, such as Maya and steel blue. The broad lines on the stone are also stunning, making Ice Aurora equal marble as the best stones in the world. A background of blue or white tones with wide and narrow veins of Ice Aurora is just reminiscent of the aurora borealis waiting to caress anyone’s eyes.

The Appellation of the Ice Aurora

Aurora, the goddess of the dawn, seems to be reborn every morning and, like a harbinger, travels across the sky to bring the news of the rising sun to everyone. Or the aurora borealis of the north, formed by the impact of winds coming from the sun. Also, as the Indigenous Canadians say, ghost dancing or even a breeze from the North. All this goes back to the word aurora. The goddess of the dawn, with her radiant skin at light or the dancing rays of the sun hitting the atmosphere, are all beautifully engraved on the Ice Aurora stone. The stone’s golden and brown veins are reminiscent of the blonde hair of the goddess of the dawn, which flew in the blue and white background of the stone as if it were the sky. The cold white background of this marble crystal is also reminiscent of clean polar ice.

The Unique Character of the Ice Aurora

The warm and cold colors that lie in the character of this marble expand its application and increase its efficiency for various environments. Ice aurora is a heavenly beauty beyond this world that can come and sit in front of you in your living room or your bedroom. The red fire accompanies a warm fireplace along with the white and blue colors of the Ice aurora. A luxury pool whose walls with Ice Aurora and its golden and brown lines create a soft warmth can be the ideal choice of any interior designer.

Ice Aurora is a crystal marble with the coldness and power of polar ice, the tenderness of an ancient goddess, and the characteristic of the dancing waves of the sun that hit our sky.


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