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Type: Crystal Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Cirrus marble; the trendy offer of Behsang

Marbles’ variation allows offering each taste an option to fulfill their unique needs. Behsang has always been innovative in showcasing new marbles and trends that make more room for glory. This time Behsang has come up with a brand new star that shines here on earth. Cirrus marble has started its journey long before and deep in the quarries of Iran. Now, with the technology and the equipment necessary to dig up these marvelous stones, we have the chance to see what the earth has prepared with the power of nature. Let us take a closer look at what Cirrus looks like:

How does Cirrus marble look?

Often, marbles have a color that extends in the background of the surface. A lot like the name suggests, Cirrus has a darker grey theme covering it up. Additionally, marbles come with more veins that are extended all over the material. The veins in Cirrus marble, much like waves, go on in shades of white and grey throughout the stone. Moreover, over the edges, these veins break off their linearity and circle the stone. Also, these waved veins could bend and break off their expected route randomly. This feature adds to the beauty and charm of these natural stones.

Cirrus marble in the kitchen

We could install marbles in many places. Expectedly, kitchen waterfall countertops are the first place many customers consider for the addition of marble.

Besides, marbles are the perfect luxury choice for outstanding backsplash walls in the kitchen. Maybe, Cirrus is the missing nudge that lifts the environment of your kitchen.

Where else could I consider for the addition of Cirrus?

Much like other marbles, you could have them in your bathrooms as the floor or even extend it over to the walls. This continuation gives the bathroom a tidy and superb ambiance that is seen all over the place. Plus, the vanity top could enjoy a touch up by a marvelous marble with all the eyes set on it.

Marble in the living rooms

To have a magnificent atmosphere, all the details and elements of your design have to be unique in their way. In many houses, we have ignored fireplaces for a long time, but maybe it is about time we pay them their due attention. Fireplaces could also look a lot warmer and glamorous, having marbles surround their fire. As fireplaces are often the heart of the living rooms, Cirrus marble could go a long way in boosting its vicinity.

In conclusion, nothing more than marble stone can liven up your environment. It adds grandeur and value to your house. Cirrus has a distinct yet popular aura about it. It can be the perfect addition to your place of choice, making everything look even more captivating. Behsang now has this stone out for sale for those who recognize what they expect of their quality materials is reflected in this stone. Sometimes, we are just a touch away from turning something great into spectacular.


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