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Type: Crystal Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Pink Nebula marble, a cloud of dust made of stone

Everywhere you look in this soil, you see a diamond in its heart, but not that kind of diamond in crystal structure! Some massive diamond! I am talking about marble stone!

Another brand-new production, so new that, like a newborn baby, at first it did not have any name; however, every vein of the stone can speak of its originality and gentility. Like a newborn baby born with nobility blood and family root, our immaculate natural stone offers you its essence from the land it comes.

Invite a small corner of the universe to your place of residence, however as small as the remnants of a supernova! Above our heads, a piece of fantastic and somewhat unknown sky manifests itself in a new and beautiful stone called the Pink Nebula Marble.

Emanation of Intra-galactic Explosion on a Marble

A marble stone is composed of hydrogen, helium, dust, and other ionized gases!? Do not be surprised; this stone is a fantastic specimen. Just like its name, Pink Nebula Marble, it is majestic, extraterrestrial, and dazzling! Of course, I hope there is no misunderstanding. Here, also, in the Pink Nebula Marble, we are still faced with limestone and dolomite, such as calcium-magnesium carbonate. And what an interesting paradox is that, our Pink Nebula is created under heat and pressure, as opposed to its stellar example, which is mainly produced by massive explosions. It is a stone that comes out of the heart of the earth but shows us a pink Nebula with the same elegance and beauty.

The appearance of Pink Nebula Marble

Iran is so diverse in marble that different marble mines and stones are found and extracted even in only a small town. Evidence of this claim is that our new marble stone is another gift of Aska quarry from south east Iran. This stone, the Pink Nebula Marble, with its pink and white background and its prominent black and gold lines, which shows the thousands of thousands of years of patient activity of the Earth, reminds us precisely a piece of the sky above our heads. Broad black stripes that have other fine gray lines in their hearts. Just like the dust inside a nebula, the Pink Nebula Marble lines create a whirlwind of shapes and colors. And the warm colors that sit on in this milky background and next to and around the black lines are reminiscent of the huge uproar that is constantly happening in the universe, over our heads. The dust that is the birthplace of new and young stars in the nebulae is beautifully displayed in this marble with warm and intertwined colors.

Touch the Dust of the Universe with Your Fingertips

Have you ever imagined touching a piece of massive interstellar clouds and dust up close? A Nebula maybe thousands of light-years away, but with a Pink Nebula Marble, you can even feel it in your kitchen with your fingertips! We may never have access to the beautiful galaxies and supernovae of the sky and the universe. Still, thanks to nature’s simulations, we can have examples of them, again created by nature, around us. Such a stone with such a charming appearance that was mentioned, can beautify many places. With its exceptional and scarce color with a light background but warm colors such as light pink, orange, gold can create a luxurious and pleasant living room for us.

Suitable Locations for Pink Nebula Marble

A book matched wall with Pink Nebula Marble or a fireplace whose bright flames, accompanied by the colors of this stone, dazzle every viewer’s eye. Cold and hot color combinations of Pink Nebula Marble make it an ideal choice for places such as dining rooms, bathrooms, and restrooms. The entrance to a luxury hotel or international conference hall with stone designs that evoke the dust of galaxies and supernovae can be graceful.


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