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Type: Crystal Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Jupiter, a brand new marble stone from Behsang

Variations of marble showcase their natural beauty in every color. Jupiter #marble goes beyond all expectations with its captivating charm when it comes to quality and beauty. Behsang now offers this fantastic brand-new marble for those who appreciate the glamour Jupiter possesses.

How could one deny the luxury of the spectacular color combinations found in a slab of Jupiter marble? The name “Jupiter” fully serves in describing this marble.

The shades of color include gold, grey, beige with random touches of brown. It’s incredible how we could find a piece akin to the beauty in the skies, right here and inside the heart of our earth.

An addition of a single slab of Jupiter does go a long way in bringing grandeur and aesthetics to your surroundings. This work of art steals all attention once installed in the appropriate places. Everyone delights in the beauty of marble stones; however, Jupiter outshines.

A new designing idea could set in with considering a new complementary element, perhaps something you overlooked or did not find elsewhere. Since marble, generally, comes with quality and Jupiter has the aesthetics, we recommend you contemplate over Jupiter for future designs.


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