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Amber Aurora

Type: Crystal Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Amber Aurora: A Natural Stone Alike Pole Aurora and Amber Stone

Amber aurora Crystal marble is the newest product Behsang company has to offer. This stone is the embodiment of both amber and northern lights. Nature has a way of implementing the same patterns and designs into different things. This feature makes a stone in the desert soil of an eastern country akin to the northern lights of the poles. While amber is not considered a stone due to its chemical compounds, Amber Aurora is a crystal marble stone. It comes from deep inside the quarries that offer us another beautiful stone, called Ice Aurora.

How does Amber Aurora look?
This stone is similar to Ice Aurora, another crystal marble by Behsang. In comparison, Ice Aurora has colder colors on it. It is more greyish and blue. Amber Aurora crystal marble presents us with more colors in a way. The veins that are scattered all over are yellow and golden. The Oslo grey covers most of the background. Over this beautiful hue, we can see Rodeo dust and cotton-seed colors making up the veins. This stone has the ability to take any spectator wandering over the northern lights. One look is all it takes to get lost in its magical elegance. Once upon a time, we did know the origin of the aurora lights. Therefore, they used to be enthralling and bewitching. The same goes for Amber Aurora Crystal Marble.

Wherefrom Does the Name Come?
The Norse mythology is filled with stories surrounding the mystic Borealis. Some were scared of its unknown nature, while some worshiped it. They thought something this magical needs to have something to do with the Gods. The unearthly origins of these neon lights in the sky fascinated them, regardless. Even today, we know how they are formed. Still, we cannot help but adore their beauty. Now, this crystal marble resembles those lights with its magnificent allure. The greyish tone in this stone has a green hue about it. So, it is natural to name it after those captivating lights we see in the pole nights.

The Uniqueness of Amber Aurora
This stone manifests nature showing off its skills in making something extraordinary. While you cannot see the northern lights every time you want, you may enjoy Amber Aurora’s beauty always in front of your eyes. Bring warmth and allure to your surrounding environment using this stone coming from the desert soils. Near Martian mountains, the quarry with these absolute gems works tirelessly. The aim is to find the gifts that earth has hidden for us. We can thank mother earth for what it provides us through centuries of hard work. All we need to do is to recognize these stunning stones granted to us.


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