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Nehbandan Granite

Type: Granite

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Black, white

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Nehbandan White Granite, resembling cotton flowers, with its large grains has a greater strength compared with similar stones. This stone with black grains is quarried and sorted into two main groups of grey and orange-beige, the latter has more resistance. High resistance to pressure and abrasion on the one side, and low absorption of water by this white granite on the other side, have made this stone tolerant to acidic rains, heat, cold, alkalis, strikes, and pressure. You may use this stone in the interior design of buildings, for staircase stairs and railings, for street curbs, for kitchen flooring, and countertops, for stone floors of administrative or commercial buildings, in industrial and sanitary sheds, and finally in the food storages. Still, granite is a not sticky material. In addition, it is possible that it would fall down from building facades due to its density and heavyweight. These factors stop us from choosing it as the exterior building facades.


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