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Golden Black Marble

Type: Marble

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Gold, White, Black

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Golden Black marble, as its name implies, has a black background with thin and thick veins, which are irregularly scattered in white and gold colors on the surface of the stone, creating a unique view.

Golden Black marble can be extracted from several mines, which makes small differences in color and design. As in Golden Black marble, the stone background is completely black with relatively thick golden streaks and sometimes has white lines on its surface. While in Mahallat Golden Black, the background of the stone is grey and there are smaller and more golden veins than Kashan Golden Black, its surface has white spots too. Also, Golden Black, which is extracted from Yazd, does not have a golden streak in it.


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