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Rainbow Onyx

Type: Onyx

Origin: Iran, Central Part

Colors: Rainbow

Block Dimension: Approx s1.80×2.0x2.90

Port: Bandar Abbas, etc., Iran

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


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Rainbow onyx is a remarkable onyx with layers of orange, white, grey and brown veining. A genuinely mysterious natural stone! The undulating veining within the stone lends a soft sense of motion, also invigorating the colors of this glamorous Onyx. This rainbow onyx displays unrivaled power, causing it the perfect stone for a variety of finishes in your area. The orange colors of this rainbow will add a lively atmosphere to your bathroom and even kitchen. This onyx stone would create a lovely coffee table to enjoy your life while drinking coffee and sitting behind it. Adaptable, effective, and glamorous, Rainbow Onyx has timeless luxury and grandeur.


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