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The do’s and don’ts of taking good care of granite

We love the luxury and elegance that granite stone brings to our houses. We like to see these slabs installed as countertops, wall mounted decorations, or used next to the pools and fireplaces. However, as every natural stone has pores, we should take some considerations into account. All stones vary, but granites more or less require polishing and sealing repetitions according to expert suggestions. Here we want to take a closer look at the right way to maintain granites for them to last the longest.

If you are moving to a new fully-furnished house, then probably your architect and builders have already thought of every possible care that your home items may need. Still, it is good to know the process of taking care of your precious pieces of granite in your possession. We seal granites, especially if they are in close contact with water. Now we need to know where are these sealed granites usually installed.

Granite countertops are heat resistant 

As for the countertops, the reason we use granites is their durability and heat resistant qualities but not their water-resistant features. The same somehow go for the granite we install next to pools. The truth is that stones such as granite come in with pores that could absorb liquids and acidic materials. Therefore, we must take good care of them to enjoy their marvelous beauty in the longer run. Fortunately, we have the means to do so. A good-quality sealant is water and oil resistant and must last a good couple of years or so when applied. So, be careful in choosing the stone-sealant with all the promised effects.

How to apply a layer of sealant?

Before applying a new layer of sealant, make sure your slab requires it. Possibly, the last owners or your builders have implemented the necessary amount of stone-sealant. However, if you know that there has been some time since the previous appliance, consult an expert. Then you could proceed to do it yourself or delegate it to a specialist who knows better. The process seems easy enough, though. You only need a ventilated area and a clean cloth or sponge. Next, apply the sealant on the clean surface of your granite stone, evening the level of the liquid. Let the stone sit for a day and wipe off any possible residues.

Most importantly, for your daily care, use PH neutral cleansers that are not so acidic. While granites are durable, acidic and scratching materials could defect the stone’s surface. Thus, a simple soft cloth with a gentle cleaner would do the cleaning just fine. Also, do not let spilled drinks sit a long time on the surface. Wipe the granite off with a cloth frequently, avoiding dust accumulation. To restore and enhance the shine your polished stone has, you could use topical polishing products now and then. Finally, you would better know the density of your granite. Denser granites are less prone to staining. Thus, they need minimal care.

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