Why Nehbandan Granite is the most used granite from Iran?

Granite has been found in many cities of Iran such as Hamedan, Mashhad, Natanz, Gilan, Nehbandan, Yazd, Zanjan, Khorramdareh, Toos and etc. The design and color of granite stones are different in each region and this is a good advantage for Iran.
Nehbandan, the extreme southern city of the south Khorasan province in Iran, is located in a vast plain with the height of 1196 m above the sea level and is very famous for its granites.
The journey of Nehbandan granite begins at granite quarries located around this place.
Nehbandan granite has a light background with a gray, cream and orange background theme, which is also called cotton flower granite.
This granite has a larger grain size than similar stones. The lower grades of this stone have black and gray spots.

Nehbandan granite

Why Nehbandan granite is so famous?

Its high compressive strength and low water absorption, good polishing and various applications in the building are very important characters for its popularity.
Moreover, Nehbandan granite has good absorption resistance to atmospheric factors such as acid rain, cold and heat, alkalis and pressure.
Last but not least, mass production of Nehbandan granite is the most prominent features of this stone.

Where to use Nehbandan Granite?

High-tension environments such as airports and metro stations (with high rate of transportations) and laboratories and industrial spaces, are the main examples for the use of this stone. Yet, granite stone is applicable in any harsh environment and is not simply destroyable.

Does Nehbandan Granite suitable for facade applications?

Yes, Off course. But only when you are interested of killing people. The problem is the smooth surface in the backside of this stone and the danger of falling from high places. you should fix it on the wall if you like to use this granite in your façade.

How much is the price of Nehbandan Granite?

The price of Nehbandan granite depends on various factors: The type of mine with quality and color affects the price of this stone. Pure and light stones are more expensive. The thickness of the stone has a direct effect on its price. The larger the stone, the higher the price. The quality of stone processing in terms of polish and cutting will affect the price of stone.

Where you can buy Nehbandan Granite and does it easy to order?


Granite Nehbandan stone quarry has 15 active mines in Iran. Each of these quarries has different designs and colors, but does not differ much in terms of material and physical and chemical analysis of the stone. Therefore, it is a huge amount of Nehbandan granite available to order.
Behsang Stone, has a quarry of Nehbandan granite and we are ready to supply different colors of this stone, from white to gray and orange.
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