What’s going on at the Mining and value-creating Ideas Festival, 2nd Innomine ?

The Joint Institute of the University of Tehran and the Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (Imidro) will launch the second “ Innomine ” Festival of Mines and Mining Industries under the support of the Vice President of Science and Technology, Iran national Innovative Fund in cooperation with the real bodies of the Mines and Mining Industries from 25th to 27th of Januaray 2020.

Increasing the knowledge-based economy in the mines and mining industries, encouraging university and industry technologists and innovators to come up with ideas, providing knowledge-based companies with capacity and exploiting their capacity, innovative ideas in the mining and waste management, supporting services to supply chain of the mines and mining industries are the highlighted issues of this festival.

Iran is one of the countries that is well positioned in the variety of rock mines and is among the top countries in the world along with countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Italy and India.

Knowledge-based companies are using the latest technologies in the country’s stone industry in order to design and production of new machines such as CNC machines for stone and glass cutting, application of new technologies for dust collection from stone grinding, as well as conversion of scrap metal waste into new applied materials. Although The ideas of processing and elegance in stone cutting are one of the issues that can only be addressed in the context of such conferences and workshops, the lack of consideration for such imperative points at the first Innomine festival was a remarkable weakness.