Use of granite stones in airports all over the world

Airports are always full of passers-by who are catching a flight or are tired of the possible long hours in the sky. Airports become the sanctuary to people who are stuck in between connections or are waiting impatiently. Therefore, the decoration has to fulfill all the needs of comfort and practicality. The atmosphere of the place affects the perceptions of the passengers. Thereby, some go after the majestic granite stone works in airports to deliver all these expectations.

The professional aspect of using natural stones like granite in airports is undeniable. Plus, this is the unique quality that separates a place in a world where uniqueness is necessary for remembrance. Moreover, we are aware that granite is a highly easily maintained material for everyday use. Airports need to utilize material resistant to daily care. Fortunately, granite offers all of that.

To name a few airports:

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, located in India, is one of those places built for remembrance. This polished granite airport is famous for its ambiance and the awards it has won for its design. It’s fascinating how this modern-looking design still gives off Indian and eastern vibes. The canopy roof shelters the space while being held up by wide columns across the hall. There is enough granite in this building to cover 27 football fields. The granite stonework is evident throughout the place that is no surprise. Granite has tremendous durability, and it is easy to maintain, making it the perfect choice for an airport.


Korea’s Incheon International Airport

As airports are pathways, the material used in them needs to be as resilient as possible to future wear. Korea’s Incheon International Airport is a top-ranked airport by choice. The designers of this airport use local granite for the floors and a warm and welcoming wood design for the walls. Incheon Airport has grey granite covering the ground. The color goes along with the modern and chic spirit of the place.

The Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Istanbul’s new airport has Brazilian granite stone works on its floors. Later called the Istanbul Ataturk Airport claims to be the biggest airport with the most flights to different destinations everywhere. This place needs to be clean and well-kept. That is why granite seems like the perfect choice.

granite airport

Last but not least;

The international Gandhi Airport in India has added granite decorations as focal points, too. The variety of the granite used here goes from steel grey to brown with an added touch of lavender blue. Water cut machines are the reason why the cuts and edges are so immaculate and accurate.

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In today’s world, the aviation industry seems more prominent than ever, carrying millions of passengers every day. While airports must consider renovations and developments, the materials they use must be durable as well. Granite, hopefully, has all the features we are looking for in an airport. Many claim granite and natural stones are the future of airports.