Transforming a bathroom into an oasis with natural stone

The x-factor in acquiring the right ambiance in your conventional bathroom could be just a touch away. While we all put the effort to make our kitchen or outdoor space our little sanctuary, we often take the bathroom space for granted. A little touch up goes a long way in this case. We could get inspired by what leading designers have in their minds and created using natural materials like granites or marbles. Here are some ideas for this little touch.

The stoned wall is the newest canvas

For as long as we can remember, natural stones have served as the various sinks installed in our bathrooms with their universal never-changing outline. The question arises when we consider if it is enough at all. A slab of stone mounted on the wall may be just the thing to liven up the dull surroundings. The natural and random occurring of veins on a marble or granite gives the space a character of its own. The sink or shower wall both remain the splendid place of choice for the installation of a slab.


Stones come in every shape when it comes to contemporary sinks

Now forget about the traditional sinks you picture when you contemplate a renovation. Contemporary designers are now taking a very peculiar yet mesmerizing path when it comes to mundane objects. While natural stones are still the material of choice, the shapes and carvings are more distinct. Breaking up the conventions never means to be impractical, fortunately. Therefore, we could enjoy the full benefits of more contemporary designs using a perfectly hewn stone.

The notable Bulgarian architect, Victor Vasilev, has his perspective on how sinks are to look. Much as Vasilev’s designs are practical, his novelty; topples the ordinary aspects of objects. So, do not consider yourself limited to the old and traditional just because you are after the raw beauty of natural stones like granite or marble.


A touch up of the floors

As convenient as tiles have been for flooring the bathrooms, their attraction and value are on a downfall path. Natural stones with a harsher finish become very popular if you get along with their pricing. If you go for granites and marbles, they endure a few years before needing sealers. Plus, they add to the value of your home. Stones’ durability inevitably plays an outweighing advantage in selecting them ultimately. Cheaper materials like vinyl are also a favorite choice these days.

Stones have always been and will be an inseparable part of our home designs. The natural stones are indeed delicate. Plus, the designers bring a quality of adaptability to these ancient materials. That’s how it is no surprise that each day we see a new trend coming up. Natural stones also are so diverse that we could always discover a novel place for them to shine in and brighten our lives with their potency.