The most trending granite countertops in 2021

granite countertopCountertops have always offered a wide variety from which to choose. Newer materials are competing in the struggling and COVID-stricken market of today. All the while, granite countertops, and other natural stones remain the top choice for a chic and trendy kitchen. Granites with their alluring beauty hardly ever go out of style. Their quality also makes them a perfect option for kitchens as the heat will not wear them off. As the world is on a fast pace of trendiness, we will suggest a few options with a heated market in 2021 more than before.

While White kitchens are still trendy, what goes well with a white and clean atmosphere? Many would say they prefer a black countertop to compliment the style. Infinity Black Granite and black granite are some of the many options from which you could choose. The contrast is eye-catching and helps build dimensions in your space.


Nehbandan granite also is always in style. This chic and beige-themed stone adds a sense of sophistication to the kitchen. Beige and cream themed countertops are trendy since they go with most kitchens just well. Also, the color is reflective making the room look more spacious. The color white looks immaculate and gives the kitchen a sense of tidiness.

La vie en rose

Nehbandan Rosa Granite has a subtle rose hue. If you are looking for a more salient character in your kitchen, then this is it for you. With its charm and refinement, it would be hard to ignore it. All eyes will be on the glamor this granite countertop exudes. Fortunately, this glamor also comes along with convenience as granite is a low-maintenance material.

graniteStay matte

As granite slabs could come with different finishes, it would be informed to know that the matte appearance is also favored this year. How could we reach this look? While you might adore the shine your countertop emits, some are after the less subtle look this year. A honed finish is going to give you the effect you are after. Although, it might be useful to know that this finish will need more care as it has more pores and is more prone to stains.

How to keep it simple?

Grey granite countertops are the minimalists’ dreams coming true. These countertops are heaven to people with a minimalistic appetite for designing for many reasons. Granites are easy to maintain. Next, they are durable: meaning you could enjoy their outstanding beauty for a long time before they stain, break, or go out of style.

As important as it is to follow the trends from time to time, sometimes, the heart wants what it wants. Fear not if your favorite style does not come on this list. However, if you are looking for a change, it would be wise to consider these trends. Granites come in so much diversity that there is a look for about everyone out there. Part of what makes stones such as granite so popular is the range of options offered to consider