International Customs Day and Export of Natural Stone from Iran

The International Customs Day (ICD) on 26th of January 2020 will be dedicated to the contribution of Customs towards a sustainable future where social, economic, health and environmental needs are at the heart of actions, with the slogan Customs fostering Sustainability for People, Prosperity and the Planet”.

Iran is one of the potentials to expand sustainable development and become one of the regional and global hubs

The world’s ornamental reserves are about 15 billion tones, including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, porcelain, and crystal. At present, most of Iran’s stone exports to Qatar, Turkey, India, China, and Iraq.

Customs, which is responsible for enforcing customs laws and obtaining import and export rights and duties as well as other laws and regulations on imports, transition, and export of goods, must fulfill economic priorities such as strengthening the value of the national currency and reducing inflation and try to increase foreigner’s investment. With this aim in view of this year’s World Customs Day motto on Sustainable Development and the status of Iran among the most important mining countries in the world, production and export of building stones in the mines and mining industries is one of the potentials to expand sustainable development and become one of the regional and global hubs and promote non-oil exports.

For Iran to be more international, it is necessary to address the problems of exporting ornamental stones.

These problems include lack of brand in the Iranian stone industry, lack of proper attendance at international trade events and exhibitions, limited export markets, lack of transportation infrastructure, and inadequate financial transactions.

Iran Customs can also facilitate high-speed export of stone

What Stone Export expected from Customs?

  • creating common border gates
  • exchanging electronic information
  • installing modern inspection equipment
  • utilizing tracking tools in decorative stone border transactions

What did Iran Customs do for Stone Export?

The most important job that Iran Customs did for the export of natural stone is:

partially prevention of the export of raw ore.

Last year, export duties are projected at 5 percent for decorative and construction stone, which reached 20 percent in this year and is applied to the stone block.

However, there are many debates on the methods of applying such export duties for natural stone exporters.

It is hoped that by furthering proceedings such as lowering taxes and bank interest, creating the right conditions for the modernization of mining machinery and stone processing units, providing appropriate transportation structures, and striving to identify target markets, Iran will increasingly approach the path to sustainable stone industry development.