How to decide on the perfect color for your granite countertop?

Heat resistant natural stones like granite slabs and marbles delight every taste. With the variation they offer, it is inevitable to fall in love with one particular granite countertop. On the contrary, trouble could arise from the many options available to you. It can become confusing to adopt a style and build on it. Countertops are the focal point in kitchens, so we must find the proper color and veins for our kitchen. In this article, we help you with these important issues.

granite countertop

Mind the number of colors you include!

It is easy to get hypnotized and go with the stylish elements we like. We may not consider exceeding the maximum limit of colors or including more than one style. As a rule of thumb, decide on one primary color. You could add colors with your kitchenware and accessories, but keep it simple in the environment. Consequently, for your countertop, go for opposite colors. If your cabinets are dark-colored, a lighter color theme for your granite countertop like the Nehbandan granite slab is advisable. Nehbandan granite comes in a light and creamy color-theme. This stone is perfect for most spaces, even for a less spacious place.

Does your granite or marble have natural veins?

If so, you could harmonize your cabinets to your slab of stone. You may have your heart on a stone slab already. In this case, you wonder how on earth, would you choose the color of other elements to not end up in a mess in your kitchen. You would only need to pick up the color of the veins seen on your granite and apply it to your cabinets, giving your space a depth, and positive energy overflowed. If your veins are lighter, this makes the room more capacious as a whole.

granite countertop

I love a densely veined natural stone!

If the veins and colors accentuate your granite, fret not. You could still install this slab, provided you furnish the rest of your surroundings with less subtlety. Allow the countertop shine, and let all eyes be on it. You could go with the blending of light and darker colors in the other elements to keep the space overalls neutral.

I am renovating!

If you are casting around for remodeling, you need not alter everything. Let’s keep what you already like in your surroundings and start our work from there. Let us say you still appreciate the appeal of your cabinets. You could then replace some elements like the countertop according to the color theme already present. You could find a granite slab with colored veins similar to your cabinets. Perhaps, you could go with opposite colors and go with a darker countertop to suit your hypothetical white cabinets.


One last idea is to pair the stonework with wooden elements. One might think these two materials are opposites and strange to each other. The truth is that as natural materials, they both stand out when put together. So, feel free to add in some wooden design elements here and there and in the cabinets.