From Presidents of the USA to the Pharaoh of Egypt! They all have Granite statue

They are many amazing sculptures and monuments made by granite all over the world. One of them is one of the world’s most famous landmarks, Mount Rushmore that depicts the faces of four US Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

This art work is very special because of its huge size and amount of time to be done. It took 14 years between October 4, 1927, and October 31, 1941, and Gutzon Borglum and 400 workers finished the removal of about 55,000 tons of granite rock to create these presidential heads.

No matter who is the president of the USA, Joe Biden or Donald trump, they all love to have their granite face on the Mount Rushmore. Well, it is the granite and who knows how long it would be there on the top of mountain. It is one of the strongest stones on the earth.

It seems that it isn’t just contemporary people who saw the merits of granite.  The enormous red granite statue of Amenhotep III depicts the Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III is another example in British museum.

This sculpture was created in 1370 BC and it is made of red granite, and only the head and an arm are known to survive.

As we know, the granite is the most durable stone to carve and because of that, this very ancient sculpture is still like its first days as you see in the picture.

The last but not least is the Brihadeeswarar Temple. A big part of it is made from a single enormous piece of giant granite.

It is a dedication to the god Shiva, and the largest temple in India. The outside of the temple is also decorated with hundreds of painted sculptures, all contained within its vast complex.

Temples were built to reflect power. As granite was not available in that area at the time of fabrication, the temple is a show of the wealth and power of the ruling emperor of the time.

Although we talked about granite structures from the old and new world in this article, granite has variety of uses in the normal life of us. It is strong and its visual beauty made it a very good choice for modern home interior and exterior designs.

Granite is the most widespread rock on the earth and we have many great quarries all over Iran. For thousands of years, people have used granite to build buildings from this natural stone.

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