Covid 19 and the most wanted natural stones of Iran in 2020 and their uses?

Many of stone quarries of Iran has been stopped due to the Covid19 quarantine and the rising trends of US dollar currency.

With the end of the quarantine period, this market is going to come to the life again.

It seems that these days are the best time to buy natural stones because prices have dropped and everyone is trying to sell the produced stones in their warehouses.

In this article we introduce three of the most wanted stones of Iran in 2020, which are Marble, Travertine, onyx and Granite.



the best type of stone for flooring is marble, which is mostly used in residential and commercial buildings. But for commercial and office places, high quality marble should be used. the marble of Khoy and the marble of Khobasangan is a good choice between all.

The best marble for use in the floor of the hall is Dehbid, Khoy, Namin, Khobsangan, Abadeh, Salsali and Faraz marble.

In between, we at Behsang Stone have quarries of Namin marble.

“Namin Marble” has a light cream background and the gray calcite veins in this stone with a white halo scattered on its surface, look like clouds in the sky, which is a prominent feature of this building stone. Namin marble is also called “ice flower” in our market. This type of stone has a high quality in the transparency of color and material quality.

It is recommended to use the marble more indoors and away from rain, sunlight and natural climate changes.




Iran ranks 9th in the production of decorative stone among 18 countries producing travertine and more than 2.3 million tons of travertine were extracted from Iran last year.

Travertine is a brilliant product for different residential and commercial use and is popular because of its stylish look of marble, and its very little maintenance requirement, which tolerates an ageless & gorgeous look.

Iranian Travertine is famous for their colors and patterns. red, yellow, Walnut, Brown, Golden and cream in Iran are useful in floor and wall tile.

From small mosaics to large slabs, Iran Travertine stone tiles are used for Kitchen Floors, Kitchen Backsplashes, Counters, Entryway Floors, Interior Walls, Outdoor Walls, Fireplace Surrounds, Bathroom Floors, Bathroom Walls, Tub Surrounds, Outdoor Patios and Walkways.

This natural stone will become a great material for both cozy apartments and modern or even lofty interiors and is one the best trends of interior design in 2020.

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Granites are volcanic rocks that are formed by the freezing of molten material inside the earth’s crust. For this reason, they are mostly seen as coarse-grained tissue. This stone has a great variety of colors that can be chosen according to the form and position of the building facade. The color of granite is usually controlled by the type and amount of feldspar and may appear pale gray-pink to pink or red. In the absence of pink, the range of colors from light gray to dark gray is mainly determined by the ratio of feldspar and quartz to biotite and hornblende. Bright, red and pink granites are very valuable because of their color and have a special place in the world market and Iran.

The red granites of Khoy region in West Azerbaijan are unique in this respect. Gray granites vary in quality depending on the degree of brightness and the size of the minerals. Shirkuh granites in Yazd and Alvand in Hamedan form a wide range of types of granites that have no alteration effects and have tolerated tectonic phenomena, especially micro-tectonic, and are also marketable in terms of color. Nehbandan granite of South Khorasan is also one of the popular granites of Iran and we have a variety of them for sale in Behsang Stone.


Marble is formed as a result of the operation of limestone hot springs. Marble is usually seen as layers between layers of travertine. The main constituent of marble is calcium carbonate. The higher the purity, the whiter the marble will be, and the presence of magnesium and aluminum salts in the marble will cause the marble to become colored. Like green marble, pink marble, honey marble and etc.

Marble has various applications in the construction and decoration industry due to its special beauty, high susceptibility and light transmission properties.

Marble has long been used in religious places, palaces and luxury buildings. But today, builders, engineers and architects use marble in lobbies, halls, bathrooms and interior decoration as marble slabs or marble book matches due to the lighting capability behind marble.

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