21st Uzbekistan International Exhibition-“Building – UzBuild 2020

The 21st Uzbekistan International Exhibition for Construction – UzBuild 2020 will take place from the 25th to the 28th February, 2020 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


Uzbekistan is launching reforms to address pressing economic and social issues. One of the objectives of the Uzbekistan Government is to attract foreign investment in the development of country’s mineral resources and modernization of its mining enterprises.

Presently the Government of Uzbekistan is preparing for Uzbekistan’s main construction exhibition, UzBuild 2020, which is now offering an extensive selection of natural stone products, building materials, interior and design, equipment and for professionals, is the main event of the construction industry of the year in U Uzbekistan.

What is UzBuild 2020 and Why attend this exhibition?

Detailed Exhibition profile includes these areas:

  • Building materials(concrete and related products, metal/steel/aluminum, wood, plastics and composite materials, building chemicals, construction and interior finishing, sandwich panels, tools and equipment, construction services, roofing)
  • Interiors and design(paints and varnishes, wallpapers, exclusive switches and sockets, interior objects, stairs and arches, floor coverings, ceilings and ceiling systems, interior projects, interior mirrors and frames, materials for finishing and interior decoration, wall panels, flower design and floristry)
  • Architectural and decorative light. Electrics(decorative lighting, technical lighting, smart home systems, electrical installation/wiring products, electrical equipment, wires, electricity supply and electricity saving systems, lighting systems)
  • Windows, doors and facades(automatic windows, fireproof windows, wooden window frames, plastic window frames, steel window frames, window hardware, aluminum window profiles, products for window restoration and repair, PVC sealing profiles, windowsills, sealants, facades and facade constructions, suspended canopies, darkening installations, conservatory constructions, sun protection: blinds, shutters and awnings, glass: architectural glass, glass processing equipment, ornamental glass and construction film, automatic doors and gates, doors, locks and locking systems, fittings)
  • Ceramic and decorative stone(equipment for ceramic tile manufacture, floor tiles, mosaics, marble and granite, natural stone, artificial stone, architectural and landscape design (fountains, fireplaces, columns, pillars, rotunda, tabletops), stone cutting and processing equipment and tools)
  • Tools and fastenings(power tools, diamond tools, marking tools, pneumatic tools, professional tools, cutting cools, hand tools, welding tools, bench and assembly tools, tool sets, fastenings, hardware and ironmongery)
  • Real Estate(sales of newly erected buildings, services in the secondary market, elite real estate, cottages, suburban real estate, housing construction, commercial real estate, investment, real estate abroad, realty services, mortgage loans, real estate rent, purchase and sales of real estate, appraisal activities, real estate management, legal services, insurance, bank services)
  • Machines and equipment for woodworking(equipment for carpentry production, sawmill equipment, drying equipment, equipment for wooden house-building, equipment for the production of plate materials, equipment for the production of windows and doors, equipment for production of floor coverings, equipment for splicing along the length, equipment for the production of molded products, equipment for the production of glued products, equipment for recycling of wood waste, equipment for power generation from wood fuel, cranes and other forestry equipment, pilots motor (chain) and accessories to them, cranes and grapples for timber loading)
  • House building(house construction, frame panel houses, summer houses, cottages and houses in the country, planning, design and technology, engineering equipment and sewage treatment facilities)
  • Building equipment and technologies(manufacture of cement, lime and gypsum compounds for building materials, machines and systems for producing concrete, concrete products and pre-fabricated components, machines and plants for producing asphalt, machines and plants for producing pre-mixed dry mortar and plaster, machines and plants for producing lime sandstone and building products, machines and systems for producing gypsum and gypsum plasterboard, building material handling and packaging)

Throughout the years, “UzBuild” has set the tone for technology, attracting leading equipment manufacturers to engage in and conduct a business dialogue with local companies, enterprise managers and those directly involved in the conduct of industrial operations.